left click in touch screen in bge problem!

We just bought a touch screen (http://www.amazon.es/dp/B00AJAGH8K) and tried it with blender.
Modelling with blender ran fine, simple touch is a left click and prolonged touch is a right click.

But in BGE one simple touch was not working as expected. It did nothing. And when we did “touch and drag” BGE detected as a left mouse event!!

Here is a video with the example. https://db.tt/xgBrcnEY

Anybody here that had the same problem?

That is the usual problem with a touch device. This is the reason why a mouse pad has two buttons too;).

There is no explicit multitouch support in the BGE. It strongly relies on the input devices of the OS. I guess the touchscreen device is interpreted as a pointing (mouse) device.

As you have just one “click” it is up to your game logic to deal with this input. Keep in mind there is no way telling if the input is from a real mouse or not.

Thanks monster,
I also guesed that the touchscreen is interpreted as a pointing(mouse) device.
I knew that BGE doesn’t support multitouch(I also disabled multitouch support in windows), but it is not the problem for now. The problem that you can see in the video is that a simple touch didn’t triggered the “left mouse click” sensor in BGE whereas in Blender and in every windows(seven) aplication worked as a pointing mouse left click. So I thought that the OS was sending correctly the event(because every application but BGE received a left click) and it could be a BGE issue.
I don’t really want to know if the input is comming from a touchscreen or the mouse.

So there’s anybody that tested a touchscreen under Windows and made it work the simple click at least?

I do not know about that, but maybe Blender has a touchscreen support (while the BGE does not). Does anybody know about?

My Wacom Bamboo Capture lets me right-click in touch mode by tapping with an additional finger to the right of whatever i’m already touching (or just tapping 2 fingers at once). Why is no one else doing this? Are they hogging the patent or something? It would be stupid of the patent office to allow someone to patent the same motion everyone already does with a regular mouse to produce the same function…