Left Click select... but not working properly everywhere

So I tried the Left Click select… however I’m trying to fathom how no one bothered to make sure all areas of Blender were fixed for this. Why is it I still have to Right to scrub and move the timeline, I mean every timeline in a piece of software I’ve used (call it industry standard) has not had some backwards Right click to select issue.

Doesn’t make any sense

Thanks for making a new topic for something that is already being discussed to death in a lot of threads, you must feel very special.




Oh good to see it has been noted.

I wouldn’t know, clearly if it has been discussed to death I have wonder how it’s still an issue?

Only just signed up to ask why after trying out the release of Blender 2.80 version that was actually pulling itself together into using some industry standard workflows. Only to find this issue among a myriad of other issues are still a problem.

I really want to see Blender become better, but it seems like certain aspects of Blender community/developers are intent on keeping things backwards and completely counter intuitive and that’s why this whole process of implementing things better is taking so long I guess.

Given the backhanded comment about your ability to intuit blenders control scheme, I suspect you’ll be interested in the industry standard keymap then.

These things are on their list for 2.8.

That’s cool to see… especially as a longtime Maya user :slight_smile: used to be 3dsmax, but Maya just won me over a long time ago and nothing has really compared up until recently when I’m starting to see that Blender is just taking over in many areas where Maya used to have the community support (third party scripts/addons etc) and the features, Autodesk should be worried they’ve slipped in so many areas now. GPU rendering being another big one.

I think 2019 onwards is going to see a lot of users jumping ship onto the Blender bandwagon.

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Soo eerr been more than a month now… and this still isn’t fixed? along with a whole bunch of other ‘left’ click issues…