Left click VS. Right Click DOES NOT MATTER.

It doesn’t matter, we have two mouse buttons, let the user have two options. I know there is ALREADY an option that allows you to change the primary click button.

I’m saying, all that needs to be done is make left click the default, simply because it’s the standard and the majority prefers it. It would also be more familiar to a new guy. But still have the option to switch it, well duhh, of coarse the option is still going to be there!


The FIRST time you open up blender after a fresh install, Blender should bring up a popup that says…

“Hey dude, you can pick left or right click for selection!”

Then have 2 buttons below that, one for each option. Then below that, some simple instructions of how to change it latter.

Problem solved.

Do we need another thread on this subject cluttering up the forum as well as those currently already active ?