Left FK Arm Rotation Issue

There’s something wrong with my left FK arm rig. It’s hard to rotate it on the y-axis and clearing the pose rotation doesn’t move it back to the original pose. It works okay on the right side though.

L.CTRL_fkArm.000 is the name of the bone with the problem. Hope you guys can help.


Rig_Issue.blend (750 KB)

I do not know if this is the issue but the structure of the rig is not symetrical
The RHS R.CTRL_fkArm is parented to R.DEF-Shoulder
The LHS L.CTRL_fkArm.000 is parented to L.DEF_arm.000 {there is no L.CTRL_fkArm}

I cannot change the parenting to see if this would help but maybe you know how to change it!

Best regards


Thanks Martin, turns out my left fk was parented to the wrong armature.