Left hand of God

Hi guys.
That’s my last work. I was inspired by a book cover.
Cycles 800 passes and compositing

Love the composition! Very nice idea!

Beautiful render! Can you give more detail about used models? Did you make them all for this work, or reused some?

Thank you guys.
I made all the models (for the texture of the wall I used one found in the cathedral model on Blendswap).
I made the arcs using curves and applying a bevel like this tutorial.
For the character I used makehuman and applied a little cloth simulation (and sculpting) on the “tunic”.
For the light I followed this great tutorial.

Funny, It looks like either Altair or Ezio Auditore da Firenze (love to say that name, give it a go).

So if that’s the Left hand of God, what’s the right hand looks like?

@natman95: I didn’t know Ezio Auditore and his relation with Assassin’s Creed. Thank you man!!!
@xeroshadow: i just don’t know :wink:

I like the image, but the sword is not quite right…

The grip seems too small (imagine yourself holding it. It would be not only uncomfortable but would probably slip out of your hands all the time…) and the sword should be longer if it is meant to be kept on your back (Usually only great swords were left on the back, even bastard swords had a hip scabbard)

Other than that, the lighting is nice and it has a nice feel!

Very cool looking. I happened to have read the book this image is based on :).

Maybe you’re right Wefyb, the next one will be better :wink:
Hi owen :slight_smile:
… and thank you guys!!!