Left&right or front &back

Blender is inconstant in the view names.

If Front is from the objects from then Right is from the objects left and Left if from the objects Right.
If Left is looking from the left then Front is from looking from behind and Back is looking from in front of the object.

If I have 4 ref images from the front, right, left and back I ether have to put the left image on the Right view or front image on the back.

I suggest we switch the front and back view names.

The front is traditionally towards negative Y in blender. The names represent where the camera is in relation to the model, and are perfectly consistent. Just flip your reference image if you’re obsessive-compulsive :slight_smile:

No. Left is from the models right and Right is from the models left, if Front is from the models front.

It’s all about coordinate spaces :slight_smile: I think maybe “in relation to the model” was a correct way of saying it, if a little confusing. The camera is facing forward (farther down the -Y, facing down the +Y) in “Front” view, and the camera is to the right of the model in “Right” view in the sense that the camera is farther down the +X, which is to the right of the model in world space.

Adjust your mental model a bit and it’ll make more sense. I always think of the viewport as a room.

For example: imagine a car sitting in a room. You want to take a picture of the left-side of the car. Where do you go in the room to get that picture? The right side of the room. Sketch if that isn’t clear:

It probably makes more sense if you’ve modeled an entire scene before. Say you have a city block with hundreds of different models – you can’t really associate right view with the right side of an object, because they can be rotated in any orientation.

A room is a pretty good analogy, but only assuming the door to the room is in front of the car.

So why is the door in front of the car, and not in the back where you’d expect the garage door to be? Well, this is an ancient artefact of how GPUs draw in normalized device coordinate space - assuming 0,0 at the bottom left corner, towards positive X was right, towards negative X was left when looking at the screen. Positive Y was up, negative Y was down. Positive Z axis was into the screen, and negative Z was towards the viewer. Then someone decided to switch Y and Z (thus switching the left-handed system to right-handed) because it made more sense to them, and that’s how we arrived at the system we use in Blender today. That’s why right is to the right of the model when looking at it from the front.

In this context, what I said earlier, “in relation to the model” was actually incorrect, I wrote it without thinking too much. Actually, it’s in relation to a person looking at the front of the car through the screen.

Aye, it probably isn’t a perfect analogy. In my experience though, this is primarily confusing to people when setting up model sheets. They’ll assign the front sheet to front view, and once you do that the left/right doesn’t seem to match correctly. Putting the front model sheet on the back view would solve the left/right, but then front/back would appear to be wrong.

I just find it easier to explain to people with one of those cruddy diagrams I made.

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think of you screen as a 3D box
if you look on top this is like plane X Y

if you look at front then it is blender front as shown in post 7

so just a matter of getting use to 3D coordinates

when you look at top view the + Y goes to the back
which is precisely what you see when looking from the top

and it is a right handed coordinates system

happy bl