Left4Dead Tank (V2)


Finally I had some spare time to revisit my old L4D’s Tank scene, I improved a lot the lighting and overall feeling + some color correction-dust/smoke layers.

Rendertime: 4h. 2048 samples.

(Click on the image for full HD version).

I hope you like this new version.

Your tank looks outstanding, tuqueque! I saw it on my phone before going to bed and had to comment, the quality is terrific! It fits right in line with the style of the game, yet clearly looks higher quality than the game models. The environment as well supports this feeling. Very nice textures and lighting, as well as compositing.

Do you have any plans to sell this model? I’ve been looking for a Tank for a live action L4D video for almost a year, and yours is perfect!

Thank you, James!.. That’s the look I wanted to achieve; a “realistic” look, but keeping the FPS feel of the original game, :).