Leg Problem with Rigify

Hello, Blender Artists.
First off, this is my first post on the website so hello there. Second, I am an amateur at blender, and I am having a problem with the rigify add-on. I modeled a low-poly character in blender that I wanted to rig, so I took a shot at rigify after my failed attempts of weight painting. After using the human meta-rig and moving around the bones a bit to have the rig match up with the mesh, I generated the rigify buttons. I could move around the upper body (arms, torso, head, ect.) just fine, so at first glance I was pleased with the outcome (even with the problem, I’m still pleased since it was much better than my shot at weight painting). But when I tested the legs, one side of the rig didn’t affect the bones and the other side affected both of the legs. After a few seconds, it looked like my character’s legs were ran over by a train. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, either I’m setting up the rig wrong or my mesh isn’t suitable. I have some pictures to help depict what’s happening, but I’m not sure what tabs to show in the many options in blender.

Thank you.

In the ‘Rig Main Properties’ panel, with your right leg/foot selected, slide the value of IK/FK all the way to the right, for full IK. Then you can hide the FK leg bones and just use the IK foot controllers. At the moment you’ve got one leg set to IK and the other set halfway IK/FK, and both the IK and FK bones on the legs are visible which can be confusing.

Once you understand the how this works, you’ll find times you will want to use FK over IK in the legs, but IK feet and FK arms is a good starting point for many animations.

After sliding the value to the right for full IK for both legs, I still find that the legs are affecting each other. If I move one foot, the other bends as well. I have a picture here of what happened right after hiding the FK and moving up the foot of the IK.


You need better weightpainting. You have vertices from the right side assigned to the left side bones. This often happens with automatic weights.

You’ll need to fine tune every vertex group manually.

Bad auto weighting can also sometimes be a symptom of errors like, flipped normals, un-applied scale, location , or rotation, and doubles in your mesh.

Uploading a blend (Use pasteall.org and paste the link here) is far more helpful to us to see what the problems may be.

Good luck!

Ah, weight painting. I was really hoping rigify would save me the trouble. Too good to be true, I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would give a link to the file and upload it, but the website said give out any links until I have 10 posts where I am deemed not a “new member”.

Thanks, and best regards.