Leg rig problem

I have a leg rig where I have a bone that moves the whole leg with an IK constraint, but when I move it past the point where the leg is straight it stretches. I want it so it doesn’t keep going after it’s straight. I tried using copy location constraints but it doesn’t work. Does anybody know how to fix that?

Interesting… how did you enable it? By default IK chains don’t stretch, though they have the potential to do so. You can turn off the stretchy ability for each bone in the IK chain under the limit x/y/z buttons there is a stretch value which will disable the IK stretching if it is set back to 0.

I have a feeling I know where the problem lies. Is the IK target also a deform bone for the foot? Or is it the parent of the deform bone for the foot, maybe? Since the IK target can’t be a child of the IK chain itself, without some funky cleverness with hidden helper bones, it can be pulled away from its chain when the chain is fully extended, and if it is also moving the deformation of the foot…hello taffy-ankles.