Leg Rigging (wiki.blender...)

Does anyone have (and willing to share) a working .blend file of this leg rig?


The instructions leave out too many details on how to build it. I’m trying to rig a character right now and think it could be useful to me. I suck at rigging else I’d probably figure this out myself.

It doesn’t have to be the whole chicken leg deal either. I mainly want to understand the legUV and leg bones. Because having the typical ‘knee’ as an ik target for upper leg is just not cutting. …but that part is not important for what I’m asking.

Thanks a kabillion!


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your link is broken too

Sorry about that Richard Marklew. It’s cool to move it then

The link works, but the wiki.blender site is down at the moment for some reason. So…poops.

Now that the Blender Wiki page is back up and running…

Please review my original question. Much appreciated.

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