Legacy of the Barbarian Wip - Blenrig (nudity)


I wanted to start showing some of the progress on a work I’m planning to do, a kind of Medieval Fantasy picture.
With this work I’m also putting a lot of effort in the development of BlenRig for Blender 2.5 (www.jpbouza.com.ar). This time I think that the rigging system will be really useful for a lot of people, as the script written by Bart Crouch is fully automated and also has its own GUI :eyebrowlift:

Well, this is as far as I’ve come with the character of Zepam in Blender 2.5. This model is about 4 million polys and I still have to do 2 more subdivisions before it reaches 18 million polys (which is as far as my computer can go)

http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134041d1275873056t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-perspective.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134040d1275873056t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-back2..jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134039d1275873056t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-side.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134042d1275873056t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-face2.jpg
http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134043d1275873056t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-front_wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134044d1275873056t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-back_wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134045d1275873056t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-face_wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/134047d1275874000t-legado-del-barbaro-nudity-perspective2.jpg

This is the new controls panel of BlenRig in Blender 2.5:


Well, I’m a bit busy now making a film with some fellow blenderheads, so I don’t think I will be posting very frequently!!

See you!

PD: I’ve got to thank Giuseppe Canino for his amazing topology references!! http://www.mixolydian.biz/

Well, in the little spare time I’ve had lately, I’ve been working on his face a little bit, to give him more personality…

These are the results, I think it is much better than before.


Apart from working on the proportions of the face, I also added a little bit of asymmetry to it, and I think that that adds a lot of life to it.

I’m finishing up the textures now. Eyes, nails and particles are still left to do. As soon as I can I will make a tutorial on how to use blenrig in blender 2.5 for rigging a character from scratch and then I’ll publish the blend file.



I’ve modeled the eyes now, I’ve also given a little touch to the texture of the face and I modified the eyelids a bit. I think that the only things left to do with the eyes is to put an angular map for reflection, and to add a humidity effect to the lower eyelid. I also have to rig the eyes so that he doesn’t look cross-eyed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great, as usual !

For the asymetry of the face, did ever tried to symmetry the two faces of somebody, will see the two faces of a man, or woman … :yes:

The topology around the eye makes a spiral, nice.
Cool control panel !

What can I say? Bravo!

I can’t wait for your blenrig tutorial!

I corrected the shape of the eyes and of the lips a bit, and I finally finished the nails… I spent a whole day with that… it was a torture!

Here is the bald guy in a “romantic” pose :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is a video showing the progress of my work with BlenRig. I’ll make a release of the system on March. I will also make 2 or 3 video tutorials before the release, so that anyone can learn how to use the system with this model or any other model.


Thanks for the update, looks like it’s coming along great.

nice poses, i should finally use 2.5 !!

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you make those “menu groups” that you can expand? Looks pretty ace as usual by the way.

dude WOW!! good job. I especially like the Subtle wrinkles on the face; it really helps with the believability keep it up :slight_smile:

well, I did a simple render with particles

Anyway, I think this will be that last render like this, I’m going to change a little bit the focus of the character, maybe I’ll do it more stylised or something. I’ve realised that trying to do this kind of “correct” human characters is boring…

Ups! The eyebrows were not binded to Mdef…

That’s better now.