Legal free models for commercial applications

I, being the type of chap who likes to fly before he can even crawl, have set myself up in business doing blendering. However, my character modelling skills need a lot to be desired, One of my clients is lookingfor a panther to put into a piece of art for him and I am rubbish at doing animals.

Is there a free repository of models that I can use without being stung by some legal copyright stuff?


Try practicing and learning

Forget about… Pass me the email of your client so i can deal whith him.
:smiley: Serious dude… your request is a little offtopic what do you think? Why you are posting this at Game Engine?
No problem. :wink:

Maybe you could tell us something more deep about what you are trying to reach in terms of presentation, so we can help.

By the way you need to pratice modeling. Because there is a lot of reference images over there, and modeling an animal is not THAT difficult. Try some low poly tuts first. It will work better at the game engine. You can use some Blizzard’s models for background reference and start from the scratch.

WTF are you thinking!! are you 12 years old.

Thats like me saying I am going to start a Flooring business just because I have a hammer…I dont know $#!% about flooring…

For real man…get a real job…

And someone please lock this spam-like thred

Look mate, if you can’t design characters properly then do yourself a favour and don’t ask to be paid for it! :wink:

i want to take this opportunity to appologise to the forum for having made such a stupid request.

To be honest, although I dont think that I have taken on too much to hande with attempting self employment in 3D, I was overawed by this project unlike many that I have had recently.

The telling off and friendly advice I have recieved has prompted me to do more work and I have learned alot and have come up with a result that pleases my client.

Thank you all

And sorry again.