Legend of Zurik - Summer Game Competition 2010

Hello everyone I come here to show the game that will compete in the contest of the summer.
Evaluate the intro of the game and the gameplay …
personal apology for the mistakes of English is also ok
I am Brazilian I am learning to speak English

The game tells the story of a boy named Jack who loses his girlfriend in the sea …
Jack does not handle the loss of his beloved, and resolves to make a sacrifice, into looking for a wizard named Zurik, part of a local legend.

The legend says that if you lost someone you can go to Zurik, confront all dangers of the worst places, in order to ask for help and zurik revive the person you want!

So Jack goes looking for Zurik hoping to revive his beloved …
look at the video will be posting more details about the game soon!

Thanks to all





Looks nice :slight_smile: maybe a little bit long the intro, or maybe I’m too tired :S Gameplay looks fine too, as far as I can see in the video is some kind like a 3D side scroller, right?

Hope to see more updates, god work :slight_smile: