Just a simple and very fast picture. I made it in blender 2.42 and yafray (render about 40 minutes). I know that there is nothing original, but i hope you will like it:) .


WOW…that is SO cool. Everything from the textures, to the grass, to the sword and everything else is VERY well done. 5 stars from me.

Reminds me of Zelda

PS. You think I could get that in a 1440 by 900 resultion so I can set it as my background?

Very nice render. The textures and the lighting are very good.

AWESOME work!! great textures

If the grass wasn’t so sharp then I’d say Gallery material!

Brilliant use of textures and final and conclusive proof that yes, lighting IS important. Good job.

Very good, 5 smilies:
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
And 5 stars, of course.

Is the sword in a stone or a tree stump? Why the black border on the side? As shown it makes the image out of balance - but if this illustration were meant to be used as the background to an article or advert in a magazine, then perhaps that’s the reason for it. Very good scene matching on the colors, and lighting as already mentioned.

Amazing, very well done! Good composition as well. Is the background a photo by any chance? :smiley:

Great render. Really pulled off well.


If its a stump the sides look great but the texture should not continue seamlessly over the top, it would be a good rock though, but the overall shape makes me think its a stump

a beautifull scene, great job!

Really great render!! the composition blends nicely
question though: getting the dirt beneath the grass to look so real is a problem for me…how do you pull it off??
any tips appreciated
-Good job one again

Hi guys and thanks for the nice comments.

i will try:) , thanks

the grass is made very simply - i used only the vertex paint to control the high of the grass stems.
For the dirty i used one bumpmap with higher value (nor 2).
-> result without color textures

thanks for the tip :slight_smile: … I just need to tweak the bumped mapping values
thanks again

That’s amazing man! Great textures and lighting!

Keep them coming

Very fast? lol, it looks awesome! Great textures and lighting.
4 stars

how come there is a tree on this one and not on the other one?

trak wrecka: this was my latest version of the image. I´m still trying to improve it :slight_smile: .


it’s very real , did you made this bg?

great the best one is the first render as its the simplicity that makes it so good