I could have done a better job with the building tear up – but I’m at a little bit of a loss as to how to do it without crashing my computer. I used a particle system with the explode modifier.

That said – I wanted the image to have a surreal feel to it, so I’m okay with it from an artistic standpoint.

Blender 2.5 / Octane Render

The girl and the bunny are real.

A bit noisy.
But looks really good.

Love this. Makes me think of childhood and how it flew by so quickly.

That looks pretty cool.
I am not an expert artist at all, but from an average Joe standpoint, it looks nice.
How exactly did you put the girl and the bunny in?
Camera Tracking?
Just curious.

Compositionaly Beautiful.

Great render and idea. I love the lighting !

Love your works, man! You are very talented! Keep creating :slight_smile:


I’m in exactly the same position as the girl right now. Just got my bunny and that’s it.

I second this. I am really curious how you did that.

this has got to be one of the best pieces uploaded here, ever. Technically it’s good but not great, but overall it’s rare to see anyone aim at such a theme and hit it without being utterly melodramatic. Great stuff, congrats.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! :slight_smile:

@AkiraOkihu & quadspder: I set her up in the corner of a room sitting on a white section of board. I shot from a tripod so I could get the position of the camera, then matched the CG camera’s position and angle (and focal length.) I separated her from the background by hand in photoshop. And I lit the shot it with a single strobe to mimic sunlight.

@Kemmler – I’m honored, man. Thank you!