Legendary (wc273) : The One Ring

Being a long time LOTR fan, eventually I had to give this one a try, so I jumped on the occasion with the current weekend challenge with the topic legendary.

Pure blender internal render.

have fun.

very nice ring.
I like the flames

I totally love it man! The ring is mine!!!

Hmmm… aren’t the runes supposed to be only on the inside of the ring? (I really don’t know)

Other than that, spectacular!


It seems to be the surface is a little too textured. (or maybe it’s just the reflections) Either way, the Ring should look more smooth.

Besides that, it’s awesome!

Thank you for your comments.

Actually I don’t know for sure, but I have updated the link to the image with a revised version without the tengwar script on the inside. See above

I had the same impression after looking at it again. Above is the updated link.

Wooow! Great! Congrats! I never thought of this when I read about the weekend challenge. I was imagining a chaotic environment in my head and never thought something as simple as this will work. Wow! I hope you win, pal. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks a lot, reynante. Glad you like it.

TAAA i liked it is that font texture or etc >>>:(i liked it burn rubbers

where’s Lord of the rings junkie?
nice job!