Lego 8259 bulldozer animations

Here is my first animation of the Lego 8259 bulldozer:

The caterpillar treads and gears do actually move correctly, but they appear stationary because the bulldozer moves too fast. Also the bricks do not fall fast enough relative to their size. Because of this, I didn’t bother rendering the rest of the bricks falling. Next video will have every part downscaled to the correct size and the bulldozer will move slower.

The animation was rendered in Yafaray with AO. I wanted to use Path-tracing with ‘use background’ to properly simulate Ambient lighting, but it would have taken 6x as long to render - even though most people wouldn’t tell the difference.

I thought I’d upload 3 images showing the difference between path-traced Ambient lighting and Ambient Occlusion. This comparison also shows that Path tracing somewhat reduces the need for SSS.

PT-AO is the difference between the two images.