LEGO Animated Facial Expessions

Hi! I have been making LEGO animations lately with a new LEGO minifigure model I recently finished, but now, I would like facial expressions on my models. I know about UV mapping and adding images and videos for textures. I was looking for a program to animate my faces with. I have a bit of a collection of still-images of LEGO face textures I scanned in. Does anyone know a good program to use to animate those faces? Should I make separate textures for each part of the facial movements and UV map the spot for eyes, mouth, and eye brows then just switch between images of expressions in Blender or should I do it anothjer way? I am looking for animated faces in this style:

You notice, it’s not perfectly smooth, leading me to believe that the faces are just images, but then again, it could just be the style of animation…

what program would you recommend for making animated facial expressions?

Thanks in advance!

(BTW, if you didn’t understand what I meant, just tell me and I’ll try to explain better)

There isPapagayo which works off of phonemes. In your example video there is no talking so phonemes are not a lot of use.