Lego animation: CC101 (Cop chase 101)

Hey this is chosen1 here,

I am working on a blender animation using legos.
the movie is going to be called Cop chases or something.

I am making a huge sequence where a speeder is shooting other vehichles whith his tommy.

The movie will be funny yet serious.

I will post my progress soon.

I know there isn’t anything here yet.
there will B soon.

Please do not poll or post until 1st picture…

thank U

I’m trying to get my pictures on the internet. or for free image hosting :).

Here is one of the cars.
I will have more pictures soon.

This one of the house models

This is the poster trailer

The reason it’s taking so long is because that in the very first scene there is going to be a talking sequence , so right away i have to learn lip syncing!
Besides the fact that i’m new to blender and am not really good at model making i have to rely on what i’ve learned on Ldraw and mlcad.


I am part of Brickfilms

and am trying to get my first digital animation featured on the site.
I wrote the movie out about a week ago so there are still some conflicts in my mind in the cast and what they look like.

I think i may have posted too soon :-?

Unfortunately most forum communitys are not forgiving so if i screw this film i’m dead. But i expect to update at least twice a week.

There is going to be sequence where the speeding driver get out of his car and explodes to other police cars by shooting there fuel tank.

In the script i wote he get’s caught way to easy so i am going to have to change that… Sorry for talking your ears off but nw you know why the delay!!!



Good to see you finally venture into animation, albeit 3D (versus stopmotion, as is much more common at Brickfilms). Sounds like you’ve got some creative ideas!

My advice, having done this a few times before, is to take it easy, don’t bite off more than you can chew, and don’t promise anything. That way you always deliver. If you say you’re going to update twice a week, you could look a little foolish later on if it doesn’t happen. :slight_smile: Just make your movie as best you can and release updates when they’re ready.

I’m anxious to see what you can come up with! :slight_smile:

-Pickle (aka Buachaille…you know who I am)

I’m interested to see how this goes. You said this is the first cgi animation on Brickfilms?

For tips, how’re you making the movie? Importing mlcad models into Blender and then animating them? If so, it might be easier to simply trace them and give them textures. That’s what I’ve done for my game mod. But yours isn’t bound by poly restrictions I’d imagine. Whatever works, just thought I’d mention that.


This is looking really neat.

I spent about $3,000 on Legos with my paper route money when I was a kid… (I was still buying legos at age 16) :stuck_out_tongue:

Moral of the story: I love Legos.

I personally know someone in his 30’s who buys it by the pallet from LEGO. :slight_smile:

I’ve made internet acquaintance with quite a few people who spend thousands and thousands of dollars per year on new LEGO, or who will go so far as to finish their basement just to have a better place to brick. :slight_smile: I know a few who do it professionally, too.

While I can’t claim to own that much or spend quite that level of cash, I can say that I was, well…let’s just say I was involved. :slight_smile:

Ok sorry guys been gone for a while!!!

  1. Pickle:

as in the lego mindstorms forum?

  1. sastrei

Yeah this is the first cgi.
Brick films got me started but then hated me on there forum and community stuff so I moved to digital animation.
If you have large models it won’t import well(it will lockup)
so i can’t get my background and terrain yet.
If you have tips in animation tell me because i am so new that this could take many months to acomplish.

  1. Ne0mega

Thanks… I hope to impress you all…

Buachille? as in the lego mindstorms forum?

That’s me. :slight_smile:

I don’t ever visit that thing any more!

I am glad I have a person i know on this forum…


Can’t continue have run into a problem wich could end this entire project.

If you can help please do…

the terrain talked about in the link is the terrain for this movie!

Hop on over to and check it out. It’s the hub of the global Lego fan community.

As for your importer, try


(Look for ^)



Which is the better?

there is like four
on the yann site

I’d say download em all and try em out, see which one works for you. I prefer Plough’s script.