Lego Animation Merging

Im doing animation tests using blender, but i have come across some problems

(i know its really crapy, but like i said its just a test…)

the problem is that whenever two blocks come into contact with each other they seem to merge together to form one block. i am assuming that this is because the blocks are placed so neatly together that there is no edge to be displayed. My solution to this is to use a subsurf and then sharpen the edges using the Shift+E method. The resulting renders appear funny and have very mest up shades of the texture. It looks like it is using a color ramp with random alterations between yellow and black. In Greybeards tutorial on Subdivision Surfaces it shows this problem but fails to explain how to fix it in a method other then adding more verticies. I am hoping that there is an alternate method to get nice filleted curves without having the shading looking so mest up.

any help in this regard is greatly appreciated,

Why don’t you just Bevel the edges? You can do it manually with K or Shft-K, or you can use the Bevel script in the Script window.