Lego animation test

Feedback would be appreciated

did he just hit himself in the head?

No, he waved lol

Good test. Do you know that the Set smooth button will smooth out the faces on your model? For your Lego guy, you will likely also need to add an Edgesplit modifier to keep the sharp angles (the chest, etc.), sharp. If you want to checkout what edgesplit and set smooth do, look at this page in the Wiki:

Using the set smooth button makes him look really wrong

its because you have to you the autosmooth option (i think that’s what it’s called i’ve never had to use it)

if i find the wiki i’ll let you know

Try Beveling the parts that need harsher edges. Or just only set the parts you want smooth to be smooth.

Keep it up!

You can set the model to be smooth but also have sharp edges in some areas by using the Edgesplit modifier. You can set it to use the angle of where the faces meet or set your own sharp edges. To do this, go into edit mode, select the edges you want to be sharp, press ctrl+e, and select mark sharp. You can always clear sharp in the same menu if you make a mistake.

Trust me, I’ve tried smoothing him out

he just goes all weird

Can you post a pic of him with Smooth turned on. If we see the weirdness, we can better help you figure out what settings to use. There are lots of people that have modeled smooth Lego man, in Blender. So it is possible.

Do you know if they used LDraw to make the models?

its a cool piece of software for making 3D lego models and exporting them to .3ds

I think most Lego stuff seen on BA is modeled with Blender. But there have been threads where people discuss what work-flow to use to get from LDraw to Blender. If you search the forums for the word Lego, there are several threads out there.