Lego Assembly Line

I’ve had a couple posts in the past dealing with my lego work, and this thread will hopefully be the culmination of my efforts. The plan is to have a big assembly line which constructs the lego rover I modeled earlier this year. I broke the rover down into 4 different chunks, which each chunk being assembled by lego men in it’s own assembly line.

What I have so far, is the first half of the 1st track constructing the first chunk.


The models look very accurate, but, there’s a part of the walk animation on the active worker around 31 seconds in where one of his legs skips forward suddenly.

Will you be adding a background and some light and sound effects? I like the concept so far and am interested to see where you go with it.

Hey quite nice animation. However, i’m sure you noticed some little quirks yourself, for example the flashing leg and other flashing things.
But if you make an assembly line in this style, the whole animation might become kind of boring. The actors are moving slow and there is not that much action in this 1minute animation.
My idead to improve this:
Make the other actors do something while the ‘main’ figuer carries around some tools. Let them look around, do some interaction between them. Stomp their feet or something like that :wink:
Make more overlapping actions, why do they all wait for each other. I’m sure one worker can start doing his work, while the other one leaves the scene.

However, i really like this idea, but i guess its heavy work to make this whole assembly line.
Have you tried rendering with AO? I’m pretty sure these figuers must look damn good in AO. :slight_smile:

keep up the good work,

laune -.-

A good start, but really slow paced. In my opinion, none of the workers should be idle at any given time, and if you had a couple of different workers working the same back and forth paths, you could speed the pace up considerably.(While one guy is walking from A to B, another guy is walking back from B to A, and they’re gonna be passing each other several times before it’s done)

Looks dangerous for the workers who have to go out on the belt that could start moving at any moment.

The animation is pretty slow paced right now, and that’s because I haven’t duplicated the looped actions yet. Let me explain: Each subtrack has it’s own action, which is looped. This way, I can repeat the actions in the NLA editor infinitely so the conveyor is always running. However, each subtrack is going to take a different amount of time to complete its loop, so I’ll have to stagger the action’s NLA strip so everything matches up correctly. If it all works correctly, no subtrack should be stagnant for very long, and if one is I’ll fill the space with some of your suggestions, Laune.

Laune and Useoftoaster: I’ll be adding lots of little animations here and there, like guys pushing carts full of pieces, lego manager guys looking at clipboards and conferring with each other, that sort of stuff. Lights, sounds effects, the works, but I have a ton of animation work to do yet :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, i’m really looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Cut the first twenty-odd seconds: nothing interesting is happening. For about fifteen seconds thereafter, “life is good” because everything is now happening “at once,” which is what I want: “We’re here now… en-ter-tain us…”

Then the action stops. Cut it out.

You’ve got about fifteen seconds of really-good usable footage in the middle of “nothing much.” I know that in a real world factory-floor, everything’s happening at once and “I like that.” I expect that.

And y’know what I want to see next? Show me a story. Any story. What’s this busy factory all about? What are they building? Are we gonna see something break and they’re hustling around now to fix it? Could be anything… needs to be something.

“We are here now. Entertain us.”

Are Hilarious.