lego bricks?

anyone have a blend of lego pices? or a technique for modelling them?

like with the details on the inside [bottom]?

or a properly sized cube with [properly sized] cylinders for the top thingys…

lego pices are easy to model

i made some LEGO’s once, but they ended up more like Megablocks…

Maybe you could “model” by yourself by using

Lego io scripts, need help (dl @ 1st page 2004.04.18)

seems like I remember Lego having it’s own program to model objects and then you could simply export/import them to the program you desired. There were two different programs, but both worked pretty similarly. Sorry I can’t remember the names though…

ya, but no linux versions, ah well, I’ll jsut make a “model” with all the pieces in the program on my parents windows pc, then import it in blender

there is mlcad and ldraw. complete lego sets.
you can export to 3ds and to povray. so basically if you can export what you need to 3ds you can import back into blender to play around with.
have fun.

Well MLCad does work under WINE quite well I hear.
Then you can use the from or you can email me and I can fire of a tgz with the modifications to the script which made it work on Solaris…File naming convention problems mostly…

Works fine for most stuff so far. I’ve modeled a radial compressor with it so far. Working on my Lego Technic Scorpion right now… but the animation is kicking my can… Any suggestions from animation gurus?
I have to parts which start at 90 degrees from each other… they intersect in at an offset point… but if I make an armature that defines the pivot… when I parent the objects to the bones… the objects magnify by some unknown amount…any ideas?


i have programed an exporter in Jave which reads LDraw files an convert them into another format (f.e. Wavefront .OBJ which could imported by blender very good)

Look at

I’ve started creating a library of correctly proportioned generic lego style bricks, but it’s very WIP at this stage.

Do you want me to post it?

there is also LEOCad I believe it is also avialable for linux and mac.

the program uses the library of LDraw.

From within this program you can insert your bricks and then export them to obj’s.

That’s the way I do it :slight_smile: