LEGO car type thing (Some Chassis/Body Work 07/28/04)

Well, I was playing with the ol’ LEGOs today, and managed to come up with this, and decided to blend it since I haven’t done much with Blender lately. By the end, I hope to have the car, a driver, and scene done, maybe even a short little movie. Anywho, here’s what I have so far, it’s not much, still a lot to go.

[Image Removed]

AO just for the hell of it. UPDATE BELOW

The modeling looks pretty nice and accurate. The the single’s may be a little large.

I know it’s an early WIP, but I have a couple of early warnings for you:

The bumps on top of the pieces are too short, and your pieces are too close together to look realistic. The yellow is also too saturated, and looks bad. If those are lights, you need to make them transparent as soon as you can! Good luck with modeling a Lego project though.

Also a website suggestion:
You may want to take a look at if your interested in computer modeling of Legos.


Keep working!I wanna see the final render…I love LEGOS!!!

See you!

Yeah, I noticed that, too, and I’ll fix it.

Radiosity makes fools of us all. Emit’s a little too high, and it’ll be fixed.

Alrighty, update time.

[Image Removed]

Fixed the peg thingers, and ditched the bump mapped “LEGO”, upped the emit on the lights and toned down the alpha. Might just ditch the radiosity and stick with lamps. Added another piece. Made a slight gap between each of the pieces… Did something else, but don’t remember what… UPDATE BELOW

lego models are very simple things so i should expect more dramatic updates much quicker than you are giving them - well that’s just my opinion!

the clear effect of the yellow ones are nice and it looks nice but like i said there isn’t much new there! :wink:

keep it comin!

'Nother update.

Added most of the chassis type part (sans axles), added a 1, and couple more pieces. You may also notice the ugly black space between the red and white, no clue what caused this, and I’m trying to fix it.

Yeah, I know what you mean, but I don’t have much blending time lately, so updates are sparse.

Your 404 is insulting me…

OK, so if that link doesn’t work, try this:

I like the model. Did you model the pieces yourself? Or did you import the pieces from LDraw?

Everything’s Blender.

very nice! :smiley:

Everything’s Blender.[/quote]

:smiley: Wow, nice modeling!

Heh. Fun. Work on the materials next.