Lego Car

This is a little thing i started on the weekend before the weekend contest was out. When it did come out, i decided to stick it in my scene, but i liked the look of it so i did a short render.
Download Here
640x480 - divx compression (i think)

Nice, i am working on some lego renders myself. I have a lot of lego and try to build them all in blender.

How did you get the dimensions of the lego blocks. I have been trying to mesure them but they are so very not rounded numbers.
Or did you just guess them?

Download ldraw, then export the models and convert to whatever you want. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Front wheels got displaced! They are too towards the rear…

nice rendering and model, BTW


i didn’t actually notice that S68, but this render wasn’t actually the original file. I must have stuffed up the wheels when i was moving it, but i have the original car still properly done just without lighting.

The dimensions we’re actually very easy. The dimensions we’re fine for me…

PS: Just a thought, im working in metric and it works out fine, although if you’re using imperial it might not