lego collection

being inspired by the picture for a tutorial of a lego tank, and someone’s recent blender lego accomplishment, I decided to make a set of lego bricks. Now that it’s finished, relatively speaking, I’d like to share my collection of lego bricks with the world! just use append or link to use these bricks in lego projects and have fun! It’s easy to make new types of bricks if you think about it, so get creative!
For the platform pieces, I couldn’t find a way to make them exactly a third shorter than the regular bricks, so I had to eyeball it. Don’t be surprised if you have to make them overlap or stretch a teensy bit to keep them in line with the rest of your legos.
Note: Try to stick to snap to grid, the lego pieces have been made so that one stud is one blender unit so it works perfectly that way :slight_smile: