Lego crane


first WIP post.

A LEGO-crane
model is finished for about 90%

rigging need to be done after I completed my model


great job man! You might wanna add a wire for the hook itself, but I bet that’s in those 10% you still got left. Some lego-glass could go well around the seats too.

it looks good to me(and you’re dutch right, i’m too)

keep up the good work(i almost have no finished projects)

i start the first one and after that the other(while the first one is not finished)

It’s an official building set from LEGO. Lighting and stuff need to be done. Firts all the pnuematic stuff and the crane wire and rigging.

woah :o , way cool! I like it a lot!

added high res pic.

duh :o

that’s great, very nice attention to detail, I love it!

That’s legorealistic mahhhn. You da legolas.

Cool you’re making this. i’ve got the original buildingset, but i’m not doing too much with lego now, anymore.

Some chrome on the cylinders is missing as well, would really add something to it.

Just wondering: how did you make the model?

first, I wanted to do it entirly in Leocad. but that’s a pain in the ()*().
So I inserted al the bricks and stuff i needed in leocad, exported to OBJ.
imported in Blender and started building.

hehe i have that exact set sitting in my cupboard, but then in red. I used to love playin with those pneumatic pumps!
Very nice work, accurate modelling. As for the suggestions about glass and chrome, they weren’t there in the set, so i don’t really see a need for it. Unless ofcourse you want to go break the lego deigners creative borders… j/k :stuck_out_tongue: .

A brief description of how you created it would be cool though. Oh and you missed out the control pump which pumps up the others.

keep up the good work!


actually the control pump is just behind the controlseat. I only forgot to make the spring a metal color.

I like to keep the model as real as it is. So no fancy stuff like glas and chrome.

Ah yes i see it now. whereabouts in holland are you?


Ah yes i see it now. whereabouts in holland are you?


That’ s near Amsterdam, the capitol of The Netherlands

yea Amsterdam
i’ve been there
nice city
do you work there or you just live there?
say, weren’t you at the blender converense???