Lego Cuusoo project

this is Lego Lamp, my product suggestion for Lego Cuusoo project, modeled in Blender and rendered with Cycles:

If you like it, please support the project in here:

It sounds like a nice idea, but how would it work though, does it use an LED placed inside the brick or does it work in the same way as those glow-in-the-dark toys back in the 90’s.

If it uses an LED, how would you keep it powered if the blocks are too small and too many for batteries to be practical, would there be tiny solar panels on the sides or something else?

Now if we can only get Lego to start producing generic sets of Legos again rather than just the themed packs like they did decades back, I hear they have gotten hard to find.

It would work using electromagnetic induction. In every brick and base plate there would be coils. Base plate would get it’s energy from AC through wire. Base plate’s coils would charge brick’s two nested coils. First coil lights up led or other light when piled up while the second coil charges the brick that is placed on top of it. I’m not electric engineer, but I think it’s possible to implement.