lego diesel locomotive

yesterday i snapped together a legomodel of a locomotive that is frequentely seen on dutch railroads. the left one is the old paintscheme from about 5 years ago end the right one is the way they look now.

the picture:

more coming soon

that’s pretty cool. i never thought about making legos in blender. i’ll have to try it.

i made it with ldraw ( ). it saves me a lot of time making this type of things. its still a lot of work, but you dont have to spend much time modeling lego pieces. that can be fun but its not what i wanted.

i can make a real legomodel from it if a few people would like to see it.

What polycount are you getting for the finished scene? I tried making a lego model using ldraw and importing it into blender, only for blender to fall over with a million polygon count…


im just rendering so i cant tell what i got on that model but i got more than a million polys on older models.

looks great but it would be more realistic if the cracks between the pieces were visible(instead of looking like giant pieces)

yes, but blender is doing its job a bit too good. the bricks are just too perfect to look real. ill see if there is an easy solution for it. i just cant edit 2000 bricks one by one.

do a very slight bevel.

but then i have a few problems. you can only do bevel in edit mode. and i have a lot of seperate objects. so the only easy solution would be a python script. (hint :wink: ) also i think my computer isnt going to like the extra polys.

hmm you could try joining the objects. Just dont remove doubles, but once again the is alot of extra verts. and it wouldnt work right on curved objects though.

i see what ill do. but it would be great if someone wants to make a script for it.

ok. i joined the entire model. ive gave the command to do bevel, but blender is still busy doing it. i think it will take a while.

that while was a bit to long. ill try it again tomorrow but i certantly cant do it at large lego models. one locomotive takes more than long enough.

a new render with a consist of two locomotives and some containercars:

as you can see i didnt tweaked the render as moch as the first one. that is why it doesnt look as nice as the first one.

another image:

Bump the JPEG quality up or use png renders.

Nice stuff, I kinda wonder though, is it a steam or diesel locomotive?

read the name of the topic.

Why does ldraw generate such huge poly counts? It seems un necessary.

i made another dutch locomotive. its the 2200 series. the locomotive above is the 6400 series and it replaced this type of locomotive. the middle one is the original paintscheme. the left one is the way they looked before most of them were scrapped. the right locomotive is the way one of them looked. this one was special because it was a radiocontrolled locomotive. eventualy this one was replaced too.

the image:

two more rare paintschemes are comming up.

here are the two paintschemes i didnt posted. the left one is the way one of the 25 locomotives looked that were used to construct the belgian part of the hsl. the right one is the paintscheme of the only locomotive that is still in active service at a railroad building company that is building the betuwe line from rotterdam to germany.