LEGO Effects

I am a 13 year old, and I’m new to blender. I make movies for the LEGO website it has forums and all that kind of stuff. And I really want to add CG effects to them like Explosions, Smoke, and Fire. But I don’t want them to look like real explosions, smoke ETC… I want them to look like the ones in “The LEGO Movie”.

I’ve tried remeshing the smoke but it doesn’t work I also tried modeling LEGO bricks and setting them as parents but that doesn’t work either. Please help I really need this, a lot of people want to see the movie but I’m stumped. If I had money I’d pay but…I don’t XD

R. Mairlot did a Lego tutorial with water some time ago. Could point in the desired direction.

You know the guy that did this tutorial? I use this for everything, but sadly it doesn’t work on smoke. :frowning: