Lego figures

I always have been a pasionate person about Lego toys. I like Lego videogames and the animation of the figures. I’m going to try to learn about blender animation and camera tracking with this model.

That’s cool! How you will do the face animations?

I don’t think legos have animated faces, do they? Anyway, leg animations are extremely detailed, good job. Did you spend a lot of time weight painting?

They do in the recent games. Like when they talk or get angry.

I have used automatic weights painting so that’s is why I think the movements are not so natural. It’s fine because I don’t want natural moves but I really need to improve them. Those are my first two animations ever so lots to learn. As Mammal Pod says Lego figures have face animations in games and movies (first Lego animation movie coming this year). I will try to do it with animated textures. I don’t know if the best way to do it.

Looking good. Two things I noticed though.

Anim #1: heels barely touch the ground.
Anim #2: foot hovers/slides when the leg comes back to the front after he pushed the cube.

I know these are small details but I think they’re important.

Btw, I’m totally digging the first slow mo anim. The music you chose is spot on.


JoolsMcFly thanks for the comment. I know the animation is really… well… not so good. I have to improve it a lot but I’m still learning all the controls and reading about movement references. I want to make some nice animation and with a bit of fun on it. Also I have uploaded my first try with the camera motion so now the last thing I need to do is make the character smile.

After that I will focus on the perfection of the movement, the render quality and every little detail that as you said is important. I also need to fix the skeleton and complete the mesh so… lots to do!

The final minifigure is done. I’ve tried to make the minifigure included in the 3383 set of 2003. Next step will be to create a world with some Lego bricks and a smooth animation.

the model is pretty good! maybe you should pay attention to the shoulder joint when animating.
i’m not convinced by the material, seems too matte… anyway, good job :wink:
i used lego for a personal project last year, had a lot of fun with arrays for the bricks modelling :smiley:

You are right. It maybe needs a bit more of reflection I will work on that.
I have been playing this morning with arrays too and I’m quite happy as I’m learning new things everyday with this project.

if you’re interested, for this scene i used a simple material setting (in cycles): diffuse with roughness 0 and glossy with roughness 0.050, mixed with a factor of 0.100. it’s far from perfect, but kind of do the job :wink:

Thanks for the comment Naughty Ogre. I have taken a look at your scene and looks great!! The thing is that I’m using Blender Render at the minute as I prefer to give the figure a cartoonish style. I have added a bit more of reflection. I will try to improve the render at the end, but it is enough for me right now.

I have been working with image sequence textures these days and I have uploaded a video of the result, I’m really happy!!

Also I have made a new armature and adding the right weights.

Parts have been remade so now the figure can loose any of them. It’s quite interesting to make funny animations.

Looking better every update. Do post some of these funny animations you talk about!

I have make a full retopology for arm and legs. Now the deformation is pretty real. Also changed to cycles render trying to get closer to reality. The armature is new and ready with IK bones.

New business in town! I have been using displacement texture for the building, I think it can work well instead of modelling every single brick. Any recommendation? I have used this technique on the F1 wheel because it would be crazy to model the stripes, the pressure symbols and data, but i dont know if it is the best option here.

Working with compositor and finishing the “Pizzeria”. Making my owns textures for every single part, loving it!