LEGO First Order Flamethrower Trooper [+INFO in comments]

All finished. This was a hard project to do, and the final result was so satisfying. Animation coming soon.

You can find the original renders from this scene on the tweet I posted (link below). Btw, if you could retweet and like the tweet, I’d really appreciate it. I’m working to get back into the Blender community in Twitter after being inactive for the past few months.

The shader and minifigure used in the scene can be bought on my Blender Market store for those of you who are interested. If the prices are too high for you, there will be a 25% off sale this month from August 24th to the 30th on all of my products.
Link to my store:

I’m not able to add images unfortunately since I’m new here, but the first link (the Twitter one), has the renders in it. Sorry about that.