LEGO HALO GAME: team needed, 80% done

Hi everyone,

I’m making a 3d lego game, and I’ve got a lot done, but I need:
-5 more idle animations (they’re easy to do, will take 15 min)
-level designer to design 3 levels (that will take 5 minutes to play, easy)
-voice actors (only a few lines)
-sound effects design (for 2 cutscenes, each is 1 minute long)
-Concept artist, important job, so we can design the look of the levels to look awesome!!

If you’re interested, email me at [email protected]



images? video? a cave painting?

Wait… you’re 80% done with the game and now you’re looking for a concept artist? :no::eek:

Love to see this!

Depending on game mechanics, code may be 80% of game. This doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m making a racing game. In racing games code is 50-75% of whole game(depends on wether you’re making full simulation or “arcade” simulation) and tire simulation is like 95% of the code. And if I had whole code done, I could tell that game is 70% complete. In his lego game there can’t be even half as complex components(unless he is doing very advanced weapon simulations which includes thermal factors, weapon wear and such factors which I doubt he does(would be waste of time for a lego game)), so I expect code to be like 30-50% of game. If he has done some of art(character models), it can add up to 10%. So I expect him to have done 40-60%, but maybe even less.

Update: added vehicles, including the warthog



I got some good recent screenshots.


there is some art!

keep @ it !

are your weapons, vehicles and actor physics coded yet?