Lego IK help!

I really need some help with my Lego minifigure. I have my Inverse Kinematics set up for everything but the arms/hands are acting really weird. When I move the arm IK Empty, the 2 hand Emptys don’t move and the two hand parts try to reach for them. I tried parenting the Hand IKs to the Arm IKs but it doesn’t help. What do I do so that when the arm IK moves, the hand IKs move without any…weirdnesses?

An arm IK empty? I think that’s an old way to rig something.
Are you following any tutorials?
IK’s are supposed to be high in the bone system relationships.
So parent it to a master bone, -keep offest.
How I set my IK’s, the handIK is parented to the master, and then an elbowIK, parented to the hand IK.

I set it up a long time ago from an old tutorial. The new version of Blender must not be liking it. I’ll look on some new tutorials and see what I can find. Thnx!

Check blendswap and search in the lego category. It has some minifigs.