Lego in Cycles - Stop Motion like animation

Hi. I’d just like to share with you an attempt I’ve made over the weekend to simulate lego stop motion in Blender. Rendered with cycles :wink:

BTW: i made a mistake in the Thread Title (Cyles xD). I don’t supose there’s any way I can edit that, is there?

Nice job on this animation, and it does look a bit like stop motion. You can edit your title to fix the error… use the go advance and you should be able to edit it there.

Nice :slight_smile: Thanks :wink:

That looked excactly like stop motion! You did that very well. Did you get it to look like that by repositioning the lego man every single frame like you would in an actual stop motion video? Or did you use a different trick to get it to look like this?

I’ve done a lot of lego stop motion and that does look very good indeed. His heels and toes dip through the floor in a few frames but otherwise it’s excellent.

Very nice! I’d love to know more about the animation process.

This is very cool. It does, indeed, look very stop motion-ish. I did notice the heels through the floor.

But, overall it is very well done

@DRCD1 Very nice. Looks very real. I’m also curious how you accomplished this effect. Was it just a matter of reducing the frame rate or somehow varying the frame rate during the animation? I was thinking the other day about this type of effect used in the movie Wreck-it Ralph where some of the old 8-bit characters having reduced frame rates alongside character with more fluid motion.

Whoa thanks for all the nice comments :slight_smile:
I just animated the whole thing straight-ahead, placing a pose every two frames (except for some of the quicker movements, where I animated every frame), and the materials are just a quick setup with a glossy shader and a diffuse shader added together in Cycles. Then I just added some bloom with the compositing nodes and I was done :wink:

go watch the Lego movie…