Lego man stair climb

So I’m working on a large scale animation with legos, so I had to figure out how to animate the lego men. I’ve been trying to decide on whether or not to give them bendable knees and elbows. So far I’ve decided to use the bending knees and elbows sparingly, like when the character goes up stairs:

The stair climb looks good. Walking on the flat surface is a little bit jerky, but I liked it.

  • Floyd

I like the floppy knees. I think you should use them all the time. They give it a really nice, lively look. Elbows can still be used sparingly though.

Yes, it’s good to have them bend. LEGO uses that in their animations a lot. :slight_smile:

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that’s awesome
I’ve been trying to do the same thing for a while and I’m new at blender thing,how do make the legs and the arms bend, is it possible to send be the file?

Looks pretty good Ronnie. The walking up stairs looks pretty nice, but I’d try to put some movement into his back… ei. tilt it forward a bit, as at the moment it’s rigid straight up and down which doesn’t look quite natural.

Also, as FDameronUT, the walking on the flat is a little bit funny. Perhaps this could look better if you gave him joints in his ankles so that after his heel contacts the ground, the toe can fall forwards so that the foot is flat of the surface of the ground. It wouldn’t be too noticeable that the ankle is moving, but it would make the walk a little smoother and nicer I think. Just an idea though.

Keep it up. Hope that helps.

I like it, Legos are awesome!
I don’t think the shot is showcasing the animation very well though, maybe render a new one. :slight_smile: