LEGO Mars Mission Animation!

So I thought lego mars mission was cool, so why not make an animation of it? :slight_smile:

Here it is!

Looks pretty good! Mars Mission is one of my favourite themes too.

You captures the shape of the vehicles well, but it didn’t appear like they were made form LEGO bricks. If you re-modeled them to look more like built models, it would look a lot more realistic :wink:

Sam does have a point. You can also work on the materials on the pieces. That would really sell the video.

Thank you Sam!
Thank you Xero! I’ll surely try changing the materials around a bit and add more realism and make them look like actual legos.
Thanks for the advice fellow blender-ers!

I really like your camera work, a lot of animations aren’t great when it comes to camera placement but I really enjoyed yours. good work!

This is pretty good! love how much work you’ve put into this effort so far.

Did you know you can actually get 3d Models of Lego into blender now?

Try this software for example “Lego Digital Designer”! (

You can design custom your lego model with available custom pieces and then export it to it’s save file, (.LDR).

From there, using another open source software called “LeoCAD” (, you can open it’s exported file and export it to a wavefront format, (OBJ).

Just an Idea, but it may be something that can help boost your martian landscape with fast to create buildings and terrain, also with custom vehicles and characters.

Check it out sometimes, it may be useful!:yes: