Lego Material Help

I finished this scene a while ago but was never happy with it.
I want to improve the material of the minifigure and make it look more realistic any suggestions?

the first image is mine the second a real legoman and the third is from a lego game


One thing that comes to mind - the blender logo should have a separate bump map to iit, to make it look like it has a cloud texture/old paper look, and something to give it that decal edge around it like the one on the policeman. The other thing I noticed is there at the joint between the legs, the policeman has a little raised spot like it was where the plastic was molded. Looking good so far.

maybe youve already done this (i cant really tell), but use actuall reflections on the lego plastic rather than specularity. specularity is only a way of faking relections. if you use reflections tho, youll have to create actuall lights with emit values.

good luck :slight_smile:

could you tell me how you imported lego intooblender?

It looks like you could use some subsurface scattering, particularly in the shadowed area in the open hand. Your shade of yellow maybe should be a bit warmer. Here are the Lego colors