Lego Minifig .blend for your enjoyment! (now with iFig!)

Hi again all!

So I burned out for a bit with work and stuff, and just couldnt finish my cathedral yet (but soon i am sure).

Instead, I got an idea to try my hand at animating a little bit to learn some more cool stuff.

So, I present to you all a lego minifig for your enjoyment!

It’s not really a finished project per se. But for all intents and purposes at the moment, he’s done.

See, I was having a hard time rigging the model a way that I liked. So I thought I would just donate the model to the community and see if anyone else could come up with something interesting also.

I am probably going to be using it in an animation soon, and i thought about pasting a nice blender logo on his t-shirt and putting him in a funny scene (maybe the orange team around the table…)

The model is rigged at the moment, though not very complex. I invite anyone to go ahead and use it, and maybe even post their works in this thread to show it off!

Anyway, here is the model. Treat him nice!

Thanks, that’s cool.

Not sure if I’ll use him. But if I do… can’t promise I’ll treat him nice. %|


He is a nice model

The .b doesnt work for me all I get is a page with lots of code on it.

Sorry, should have mentioned: right-click on the link and save as…

The transformation is complete!

Thanks for that.

lol. so much for being nice to him… :smiley:

nice one!

I was actually thinking of some other stuff, too:

Hahaha, the possibilities are endless! I think you should make the iPod one into a full animation…

…I’m thinking I should get my Lego out at some point, now… :smiley:

Times like this is when i wish my school didnt ban locker signs

dammit! i already was going to make a video with a plain minifig, now i am gonna have to do an ipod commrcial parody…

oh well, better start figuring out which song i want to use…

I’m trying to remember the iPod adverts, but aren’t they ‘Shadeless’, as it were? I don’t think there was any specularity.

yeah, you are right, but for this image, compositionally, it really helped to have a little bit of spec. it makes up for the silhouette being very blocky and unfamiliar to us i think.

spent last night getting used to animating again. i am, however, having problems getting sound to work in blender with debian…

Put a blender logo on his shirt, and make an animation with him. He’ll be BLENDERMAN, protector of all things Blender, saving people from the evil of other 3D modeling programs! :stuck_out_tongue:

great minds think alike

and i made this ENTIRELY myself (i didnt just use yours if thats what you were thinking) and i made mine a week before you did… :o

Very cool minifig! :smiley:
I made this pic a few years ago. Using Pov-Ray though.

Thanks! My brother wanted to animate some Lego guys with Blender, we’re not so good with it yet, so this is perfect. Keep up the good work! :yes:

hmm you should make the thing on his head go back down in cuz thats how it does it on the real legs. its not just a block on top of the head its more like a ring. but other than that GREAT

Wow, good work! The rigging is spot on! If I can use it, its good! Thanks a load!

This is a very good model! good work.

Way to bring this thread back up out of the dead! :slight_smile:

Made it around a year and half!