Lego Minifig Model

Hello! I’ve just finished a Lego minifig model available for free download. Here it is:

From the Blendswap page:
As there aren’t a lot of good free minifigure models online, I thought I would release my high-poly minifig model. This is a modified version of the minifig in my previous blends; this one includes a number of new features. For the impatient, here are the features in this model:

  • Clean Geometry: This is an all-quads, clean mesh with simple yet powerful geometry. Everything is logically ordered and edge loops are well-placed. For some 3d turntables, you can visit its Turbosquid page.

  • Fully Poseable: The model has bend points located on arms, legs, hands, and feet, as well as a fully bendable torso. Deformation of the mesh is clean and attractive.

  • Attractive!: The figure is cute and cartoony, but still has smooth, sleek edges and perfectly curved surfaces. In addition, a facial texture completes the overall awesomeness.

  • Well-Rigged: The figure comes with a fully weighted rig; rig handles are simple and intuitive.

  • Detailed: The model is realistically detailed, with a signature three-pronged piece in the head hole, stud holes in the legs, and grippable hands.

  • LDRAW-compatible: The LDRAW digital-brick parts library works well with the model; simply importing the .3ds file and scaling up by 1.25 allows LDRAW props to be imported and used by the figure with ease.

     For more clarity, here are some views showing features of the model not really visible in the main photo.

Top 3/4ths View:
Topology View:

Well, that’s about all there is to it! I hope this little guy makes it big in the Blender community; if you’ve created anything especially memorable or interesting with this be sure and let me know.