LEGO - Mission commander

Hi, this is my first more serious work done in blender. I did only tutorials in the past. What should I change to get more realistic look?

First of all, great model! There are a couple of things that could be done to get a more realistic look.
First of all, play around with the lighting a bit. The wings look great, but there are several areas where you start to lose detail because it is too dark.
Secondly, the materials need a little work. The plastic looks a little soft, try increasing the hardness on your speculars. I am by no means an expert in this, someone else may have more specifics on the best materials for plastics.

Wow, that’s really good.
I must say that the studs look round to me. Maybe they need a loop cut on the side, near the top, so they look flat.
Take a look at this little model (link) I made.

Wow, nice, looks great.
BUT…to improve your realism:
*Did you use the correct dimensions for the blocks? The cylinder things look a bit too short and to smooth(it looks like a hemispheres are on top of the cylinders)–if you want realism make sure you use the correct dimensions.
*The transparent red blocks look wrong somehow(material-wise not in topology), try to play around with the transparency or reflection or something, i am not too good with that aspect, but you should definitely change how they look
*Maybe add in another color? like yellow maybe or something?
*The blue looks…uh…too blue?..maybe make it lighter or decrease contrast…not sure how to explain…
*I like the hardwood floor, but i think a little more reflection or specularity would make it better.

Again awesome looking ship, good luck with it.

PS Do you have any idea how many blocks u have there?

looks pretty cool!


I like it! Looks almost realistic. On thing I would try to do is add that little lego symbol on each node thing, although that could be pretty hard, it would also be very realistic. Also maybe take one of your lamps spec off because it looks for most of your model like the lamp is at the top, but then there is a bit of specular on the window facing away from that lamp… kinda confusing to the eye.