Lego on the floor

For awhile now I’ve been experimenting with photo-realistic Lego.

Here’s a semi-photoreal scene with Lego in it.

Please give feedback :slight_smile:

Wow, the Lego really looks pretty realistic! Can you share some renders of it at different angles?

The background is missing AO and I think corners seem too sharp and clean in general… Whats the white thing in the background? It’s very distracting for me.

As mentioned, I really like your Lego. Maybe you should put more emphasis on it, think more about composition and what story you want to tell. Why is it lying there? Was it left over by a child? Is it somehow “alive” itself like in the Toy Stories movies? Like it is at the moment, the image neither has an emotional appeal nor is it suitable as a product visualisation for the Lego itself.

Thank you @ayredv for you feedback!

I updated the scene by changing the camera angle and position for a better composition on the Lego mini-figure. Also, I added some DOF and AO.

P.S: @ayredv, the background in the previous image was the wall :). I changed the color to a light blue.

I like this one a lot more. The DOF helps getting the right scale of the object.
THe new camera angle and posing of your figure gives the image a lot more appeal. The figure now seems to be more involved in its environment :slight_smile:

The white “thing” i mentioned was not the wall but the carpet-like plane. It’s just too plain and unreal while seeming pretty random in this scene at the moment. You could think about adding some details like Lego-tools or something else fitting to the story of the image.

Also, is there a reason for leaving so much room around the figure and showing a lot of the room? Are you going to add other parts later?
Else, I would consider showing the figure more prominently and using macro-like DOF for showing the real world scale…

Here’s one with volume lighting…

And here’s the original…

@Ayredv, the white plane on the floor was the air vent (basically a diffused image plane, :o).