Lego orient express

today i finished my ldraw lego orient express. it has about 1000000 vertices.

the image:

more comming up.

and another image:

and the original one:

Nice, but 1 million verticies, it looks like it be done with quite a bit less then that.

Looks good, mifune. Some closeups would really help to demonstrate the detail that has gone into this. The current view-point is far away enough that it could easily be mistaken for a normal or toy train, because it’s difficult to make out that it’s lego.

Nice work!


thank you.

ill make close ups of the seperate models. im making a dining car now. and i plan to make a bagage car tomorow.

kansas_15: its a model made with ldraw. that is a huge libery of lego pieces. every piece has studs taking up several vertices. there are about 200 bits in each car.

i finished the dining car and i made three renders of the locomotive, the normal car and the dining car.

here they are:

next projects are a baggage car and the big boy locomotive.

:o 1 million verts!? That’s crazy!

Nice image, but maybe the specularity needs to be higher?

well, i like it this way. ill look at a real lego piece to see how lights react to it.

The dining car looks like there’s a ton of detail into it, and yes I know several verticies are needed to make a lego but it seems like as if Ldraw uses more then neccesary for the stud parts.

ive just finished the bagage car. the windows look a bit weird but ill look at it tomorow.


tomorrow ill make this boy in digital lego:

Errrmmm? The big boy, for the orient express? Wouldn’t be that “realistic” to use such a combination I think, even lego wouldn’t merge a US loco and a orient train set… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

OH, mifune, try to remove the doubles on all the meshes.

i dont care about realism. i just want to build the big boy. but ill also make some boxcars. looks better than. and the couplings are at the same height so thats not a problem. also lego trains use magnetic couplings and not the normal couplings used in model railroading. and otherwise you bring up a good reason to use totaly different trains together: the museum line.

That is a ridiculous number of verts. Something is certainly wrong. Is each lego block clearly defined? Tell me you didn’t use individual blocks to make the major parts of the train, such as the walls, etc… that would a fantastic waste of time, effort, and computational power.

I like it, though, no matter how many verts. It needs an environment and some better camera angles, but it is a good start. Perhaps this should be in the WIP forum?

the model is put together in a different program and imported in blender with alv67’s import script. then i did some tweaking in blender. its more a waste of time to change all parts to a bit more lowpoly solution. and blender is pretty good in handeling huge amount of vertices.

just go to and maybe its getting more clear.