Lego : physics ( game )

Lego : physics is the name for now , well i dont really know why i wanted to create a lego game mabie because if you would step into a world full of lego you would have so much freedom :stuck_out_tongue:

build , destroy , build again.

Anyway the game has only just began in development so cant really say much but here are the main features which will be presented in the game:

( please note this is for version 1.0 )

create your own player with lots of different textures and models. ( not fully editable ) mabie in later versions.

choose what map you want to start out in. ( 10 maps will be created for v 1.0 later
you can download more maps from the website)

fully distructable enviroments ( houses , trees , even the floor ) so watch out :o

on some maps their will be cars which you can drive in third and first person

create ememy a.i ( please note : their will be a good number of enemys fighting you
so use the enviroment to cover :wink: )

in v 1.0 their will be 3 weapons 1. a metal pole ( very easy to create* hum hum )
2. a pistol 3. a rocket launcher later versions will have many more weapons.

and when you kill the enemy they wont explode they will have rag doll thats why i named the game lego physics because the whole game uses physics.

i will think that using alot of physics is going to make the games frame rate low but im woyking out a way to help stop the lag. all i can think of is in v1.0 yu will have to have a good gaming pc ( 1 gb ram , a 6800gt graphics card ) <— lol thats not a gamig pc but you will need somthing like that.

by the way i do need alot of help !

lego models ( im doing )

weapon models ( im doing the first 3 but you can make more very low poly models )

prop model ( you can make some is you like has to be lego though )

any other lego models which you have created could be accepted for v 1.0

music designer ( has to be happy music because it lego kids are going to be playing tis but i dont want music which is boring i want itto be adventure and action music )

texture and graphics designer ( it has to be grapgics which you have created and no paint images, yo will be making banners for the site and main menu pictures and much more )

you woont get paid anything because this is a free game but you will have your name in the credits and on the website.

by the way the website is going to be (not been added yet , will when the game is much later in development )

i think thats it. thanks :cool:

Nice idea!
I have an abundance of LEGO pieces made in Blender, if you need some just ask!

Your name kinda says so, huh?

I’d love to help with a lego game! unfortunately, my comp won’t run py for some reason, so I’ve gotta wait for enough money for a new computer before I can use Python. I can help with other stuff, though. I could do music, too, but ive gotta mac so its .caf, so thats not helpful unless someone could convert it… just PM me if you need me!

I trust that there will be lots of pirates.


Anyway… How’s progress coming along?

Jimmy? are you there?

sorry im very busy im creating 2 games atm. private message me

Here is a few LEGO pieces I have.


Pieces.blend (343 KB)