Lego project

I just watched a Lego inspired video and i was like this looks fun so i started modeling the Lego character and posed it running scared from some thing not quit sure what yet, but this is just the first step in this project .
do you guys think the character is good enough or should I tweak it a bit ?

That looks really good! Keep going!

Thanks a lot Anthony i am glad you liked it.

It’s pretty good, but a few things look a bit off about it. First of all, the edges of the head look sharp when they should be more round and beveled like. The arms are rectangular when they should be more like cylinders. The wrists are also too exposed and should be more covered by the sleeves. Also, the shadows on the lego floor look really odd. Other than those minor fixes, it looks like a great start.

i see what you are talking about its clear that these things need to be fixed thank you for pointing things out