Lego rigged figures


I have found here in this forum someone doing the models and the rigging.

Again, thank you all for your offers !!!

Hy everyone,

i need rigged lego darth vader, obi wan, anakin and a stormtrooper tilt end of may.

Interested? If yes, how much would that cost?

Thank you very much!!

Yours Lego Superfreak :slight_smile:

What range of motion should that rig have? The same as a human, or the same as a lego-figure?

i would be happy to make these for you i would charge $70 for all four
pm me if you are interested if my offer or if you would like to negotioate
here is my portfolio

I could do them for $15 per lego… ($60)
View my portfolio here…
PM me if you’re interested :slight_smile:

I feel like this could turn into a price war but to make this a fair fight i will offer the same $60 for all characters rigged textured with a full set of accessories. Feel free to pm me if you are interested

Let us know what’s going on with the job please. If taken, let us know, if not, please, let us know.
Thank you for your time,