Lego scenes build in ML-CAD and rendered in POV-Ray

Hi all,

First off, i am not sure if ill post this in the right forum. But after looking trough all different forums on Blenderartists, i thought this is the best place.

This are some LEGO scenes that i have build in the past as concept art for the LEGO universe MMOG in development. The models are build in ML-CAD, after translated to the POV-Ray script language with an little program called L3P. And after that i have made an 3D scene around the LEGO models in POV-Ray.

While LEGO is developing this game everyone can send in LEGO idea’s or models that the game developers can use as inspiration for the game, thats why i made this works.

This are some works from the time before i discovered Blender, i am curious what you guys might think of it.

First a randrom spaceship i have made.

Now from the LEGO space skulls theme. Another spaceship and an moonbase.
Note that the 3D astriod models are real astroids. I have imported the POV-ray code from those in POV-Ray.
“3D asteroid model courtesy of Scott Hudson, Washington State University.”

And this was for the pirate concept art challenge. Its supposed to be an pirate outpost with a questgiver. Two people are just returning to the npc to get there questreward :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Go with blender…

I think you’ll find it makes a big difference. Did you premodel the blocks to size, then snap them in place like you would lego? Have you tried lego creator yet?

I have tried LEGO digital designer 2 and ML-CAD, those programs come with already build in bricks (but only the ML-CAD files can be translated to POV-Ray). And like i have said before, this are works from the time before i have discovered Blender. So yes, if i ever make a a LEGO scene again i will probably use Blender now. :slight_smile:

These look pretty good!

OOOHHHWWW This is nice work!

Reminds me of the lego games I played when I was 8 years old…

Thanks all for the comments :slight_smile:

To Doggie_B: When i was 8 years old there weren’t any LEGO games on PC. The only LEGO games that i knew off back then were played in my head and with real LEGO bricks :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know what you mean.
I didn’t get a LEGO computer game till 1995…
At which time I was __ Years old.:wink:

Ah, for those who are interested to see more of my lego models that i have made as concept art for Lego Universe", here’s the link: