LEGO Scorpion

Here’s a scorpion-type mech I made out of LEGO over the course of probably about a year. I’m also, or rather I started to, build a base to make a scene around it, but that’s on hold for now since I got bored of it and university’s starting again. So, here’s just a Blender internal render. Nothing fancy, although it probably has an excessive amount of polys given that everything’s bevelled, even if it doesn’t look like it.

looks great… I love the materials, very convincing.

Your Lego are more real than the real one… It’s just fantastic… :slight_smile:

EXCELLENT! really takes me back. A yafray render of this with HDR would be photorealistic. Excellent work. A year though? wow…

Thanks for the comments. F/StopDigital, no I meant that I started it about a year ago and worked on it very sporadically on and off and just really finished it to my liking a short while ago. It was definitely a good learning experience though. Modelling some of the pieces was a bit of a challenge.

When I get time I’m going to develop some FX for the shot, namely an energy shield and some weapons-fire.

Looks great, I was also a little startled when said it took a year lol…

Wow… Yeah… That is really great. You got the textures for the pieces spot on, and the pieces then selves are perfect! Excellent work:D

Great modelling… But the render is not that good. It’s very dark and lacks environment reflections. Please do an HDRI-render with yafray!

Nice model but the lighting is very flat and a little dull so it loses some of the detail, especially in the black pieces.

Hmm, have you modeled this in Blender, or perhaps with ML Cad or LeoCad?? :wink:

I’ll set up a Yafray render today probably, so I’ll post that soon. Everything was modelled from scratch in Blender using real Lego pieces as reference (I measured everything as well as I could using a regular ruler, so the dimensions are more or less accurate as well).

fantastic work, I think, it actually looks like lego, very convincing mats :slight_smile:

Hi Aorus. can you distinguish everyone of the 24 degrees of grey in this image?

I can see all those tones on my laptop, though I have learned that many people have things darker. I just put the render through Gimp and used Layers > colours > levels then auto to brighten things up a bit. Could have got things really “right” with the sliders but there is no point when everyones screens are different. The monitor I have on the other computer is always a bit dark. Nvidia drivers can fix it a bit (nvidia gamma control panel), but this always loses some of the range.

black pieces lack shadows range, at least I’m my monitor.

Alvaro, my monitor is properly calibrated. I admit the render did turn out somewhat dark unfortunately. Here’s a Yafray render that took about 7 hours. I’m not too happy with the look of orange material and some other minor things; it didn’t really translate well into Yafray. I’ll have to tweak that and re-render over the weekend if I get time. The LEGO logo textures from the little bumps on the pieces are also missing. I think I haven’t yet converted that texture to .jpg - it’s currently .png.

Thanks for all the comments!