Lego Space Marines!

I just finished an exciting new project in celebration of Blendswap 3.0 :D:
Lego Space Marine Officer Model Sheet by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr
Lego Space Marine Clay Model Sheet by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr

From the Blendswap description:
To start with, this is a set of models depicting generic and original Lego “Space Marines.” These fearless plastic warriors are the apex of my modeling, texturing, and rigging talent; they feature the following cool features:

  • Fully poseable limbs; the arms, legs, feet, toes and torso all bend, a la Lego Star Wars.
  • Complete IK rig; the body is controlled by a handful of simple rotate-and-translate controls that are as intuitive as they are powerful, giving you complete animation control without costing you valuable screen real estate.
  • Fully accessorized! The Space Marine models come with armor, helmets, and bracers, all appropriately textured and materialed. In addition, they come with their own original weapon designs.
  • A full chain of command! The .blend also includes an “Officer” model with clearly identifiable sergeant’s stripes and his own unique weapons and armor patterns.
  • Low-poly goodness! In addition to a render-ready, high-quality mesh, the Space Marines weigh in at under 2000 faces each, yet still retain their detail-rich and unique aesthetic. Separate meshes are provided for high-res render versions and a game-ready type.
  • Richly textured! Each Space Marine is covered in realistic, Lego-style decals on their arms, torsos, backs, belts, legs, and even face decals. Textures are each high-quality 1024×1024 .pngs, with a separate set of lower-res textures for game use.
  • Realistic! the example scene provided in the .blend has a complete node setup with lens distortion, chromatic abberation, depth-of-field, smoke effects, as well as realistic atmospheric fog and mist effects.
  • Faster than a speeding laser beam! The example scene provided contains no ray tracing, ambient occlusion, or other CPU-intensive effects.

The .blend contains two different scenes. The first, “basic models,” contains the default Space Marine and Space Marine Officer models. The second contains an example still scene. The Basic Models scene, by default, is set up for rendering. If you want to use lower-poly models, simply delete the separate armor pieces and change the mesh of the body from “Space Marine” (or “Space Marine Officer”) to “Space Marine Game Ready (GR)” or its associated Officer mesh. The Game-Ready meshes include built-in armor and a full-quality, AO-baked texture map, so you can jump straight in to creating your own blockbuster game.

For more shots of the Lego Space Marines, head over to their special Flickr Set to view clay renders, model sheets, and more.

This CC-licensed model is available for download on Blendswap.

Watch for addons, including scouts, snipers, medics, pilots, vehicles, and heavy-weapons troopers! :wink:

Wow! Thanks for releasing these. They are very cool looking. It looks like they are high quality and that you, no doubt, spent a fair bit of work on them. I will surely have some fun with these guys.

Thanks a bunch! It’s always nice to get a positive outcome from hard work. :wink:

I’m almost ready to upload an update to the file, with three new soldier types and a new weapon model. :slight_smile:

Oh man my nephew is gonna love this!

That’s nice. I’m already feeling the love. :wink:
Space Marines Addon Pack 1 by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr

UPDATE: The first “Addon Pack” for the Lego Space Marines is available; it contains 3 new minifig models: a pilot, a commander/game hero type, and a specialized medic. For more information, or to download, visit Space Marines Addon 1on Blendswap.

Pilot Model Sheet:
Pilot Model Sheet by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr

Medic Model Sheet:
Medic Model Sheet by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr

Hero Model Sheet:
Hero Model Sheet by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr