Lego Spiderman [Short Animation]

Just recently decided to build some fresh content for my portfolio. So, here is a recreation of the old animation I did in 2014. If you like you see my old animation on my youtube channel. Overall I didn’t change much in animation except simple eye movements, created an entirely new scene and added some fluid simulation and sfx. Entire animation was done in Blender, I mostly used okay looking procedural materials made in blender. A lot can be improved in the animation but I’m satisfied with the result. It took about 4 hours to render.

Eye movements were done using shape keys, water splash was a simulation, ripples were done using dynamic paint which saved lots of my time, the scene is fairly low detailed because it was out of focus anyway and I used procedural materials for almost everything, except for rooftop and puddle which is using a simple texture mixed with some procedural material.

Hope you guys enjoy it… :]

You can follow me on my artstation for more upcoming work…

Artstation: link to post

if you want me to do more of these videos? Maybe recreation of some marvel movie scenes? let me know in the comments. :slight_smile:

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Still from the render

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I actually really enjoyed this little animation! How long did it take you to render the while video?

I’m glad you enjoyed this. It took my pc about 4 hours to render.

Very creative! I love how the web bounces at the end :slight_smile:

Also love the digital paintings on your Artstation link! Very inspiring.

Lovely animation, your name when the when gets short is unclear, very camouflaged with the web itself.

Thanks, it’s always great to see people catching subtle details. and thank you so much for checking out my artstation :slight_smile:

Thanks, and yes I intended to make it look not so obvious.

Really nice, man!

Thank you!

Good job and great rendering ! The webshooting was so cool :wink:
By the way, is it Cycles, BI, (else) ? :spin:

Thank you. It was rendered using cycles. I also used denoising to reduce the render time. :slight_smile: